Oh wow, someone clicked the button! You’re actually curious about us? Well then, we’ll indulge you.

These are queer reviews of queer books for readers of all orientations. Entries are written by Serith and Kaelin, who are lifetime partners and avid readers. The books discussed here will range from the awesome to the not-our-thing; but we understand that there’s a person for every book, just as there is a book for every person. Fabulous Fictions reviews are updated biweekly, always on Monday, because we know Mondays suck and this is just one way of bringing a little gayness to everyone’s life. We also post author interviews on special occasions (if you are a GLBTQ author and would like to feature on our blog, send a message to and we can arrange something. We generally reuse our question set to get a “behind the stage” feel to the writing process).

Still curious? Here’s a bit of a background on the reviewers.


Favorite Genres: young/new adult, dystopian, fantasy

If I had to summarize myself in three words they would be; artistic, playful, and …perhaps a little bipolar.

For those of you that require more than a first impression; I take a strong interest in reading, writing, drawing, and just about anything that helps people express themselves creatively. I am gender-queer, so who I am depends on the day. My aspiration in life is to become a writer of gay and lesbian novels, though I decided to pursue the graphic arts as well to become a cover designer. The goal is to succeed in both.

I tend to be a little shy, but I can be rather social after warming up. Good icebreakers topics are GLBT themes, fiction, gaming, psychology, design, anime/manga, and film. Combine any of them together and you will never be able to shut me up!

If by any stretch of the imagination you are dying to read my reviews ahead of time, I welcome stalkers with open arms here on Goodreads!


Favorite Genres: fantasy, steampunk, short stories

I am 110% gender-queer and fabulously dapper.

I was born, raised, and am still hiding somewhere under a snow bank in Ontario, Canada; earning a living as a support writer and copy editor. My hobbies include reading, writing, gaming, and clinging to Serith. I long ago accepted the fact that if I’m engaged to Serith, I’m engaged to that infectious love of books, too. Other stuff I adore ranges from animals to psychology to staring at beautiful art for hours upon hours upon hours.

Generally I spend my free time fussing over my own stories, all of which include dashes of romance. Okay, I lied: the love becomes the main focus of the plot, but I tend to be a little hopeless that way. My characters all have varying orientations and gender identities, and I like to keep an open mind to see what I can explore next.

Like Serith, you can also add me as a friend on Goodreads (but I’m kind of a slug when it comes to updating). It’s probably better to follow my Twitter @MechCerberus.


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