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Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling

Rating: 5/5

Genres: Fantasy, Action

Themes: Magic, Rogue, Aristocrat, War

Queer Level: Gay & Bisexual Main Characters; Gay, Bisexual & Straight Secondary Characters

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Oh lord, I could not summon enough praise for The Nightrunner. I honestly have never been more obsessed with a series before. It consistently had me at the edge of my seat and biting my nails with such vivid suspense. The characters are so honest and believable that you quickly grow attached to them and it makes you concerned for their safety. Even if you are not an emotional masochist, it has enough passionate content to make anyone giggle and blush. The relationship between the main characters, Seregil and Alec, is just so touching and at times silly, cute, or even dramatic. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, but members of the GLBTTQ community in particular. And if that is not enough to keep you hooked, then the plot will have you up beyond sleeping hours.

The main character, Seregil í Korit Solun Meringil Bôkthersa, better known as Lord Seregil of Rhiminee, is a character who is as interesting and complex as his name sounds. Flewelling evidently put a keen amount of care and attention into the development of her protagonist. Although Seregil plays the hero in The Nightrunner series, he does not always act as such. His questionable morals have led him down the path of spying and thievery, though his heart is still true. He has a dark past but a charming personality that lures the readers to follow his every step. He is charismatic, quirky, and sharp. The depth behind him creates a well-rounded identity that is thoroughly composed. He so perfect and flawed all at once and I crave to know what he is going to do next. There is a certain unpredictability that keeps his actions fresh. It is a pleasure to join him on his journey for he makes for wonderful company and entertainment.

Rambling about my affections for this book is only the tip of the iceberg; to fully comprehend the perfection of this series, you must read it. The only thing I could think to complain about is how thirsty I am for more! So if you are not familiar with this book, do yourself the favor and pick it up. Flewelling provided us readers with the wonderful gift of sharing her imagination. It is quite inspiring! I can safely state this is, without a doubt, my favorite book.


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Every Day by David Levithan

Rating: 5/5

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Fantasy

Themes: High School, Supernatural

Queer Level: Bisexual & Queer Main Character; Straight, Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Secondary Characters

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It’s books like this that make the great hunt for the perfect read soooo worth it. Because this was absolutely perfect. And that word is only reserved for the worthy. I loved every moment -every line- written in. I hadn’t even hit a hundred pages before I knew this would rank in my favourite reads.

Who doesn’t love pondering over philosophical questions like, “what would it be like to live as someone else for a day?” or, “would you still love me if I looked like (fill in a variety of physical descriptions here)?” It’s about time a talented writer like Levithan saw potential in these thoughts and ran with the idea. The results are so unique and fascinating. The story started fresh, and continued on intriguing, and then turned complicated and all the more captivating for it. There wasn’t a dull moment.

This beauty in this book is that it gets you walking in many different people’s shoes (…pun only slightly intended). It keeps things fresh and you empathize with different lifestyles; every chapter is a new day in a new situation. So many characters are covered but it was rendered so carefully that it was easy to keep track. There is so much for the reader to relate to or learn from. Despite the all the differences, it also highlights how much we all have in common. Very powerful work.

Though… Before delving in, I read a few negative reviews that oddly made the experience better: they were frustrated at the lack of information given. Those readers wanted the science -the details- of how and why the body swapping was happening. I suggest letting go of the desire for answers now before picking it up; we only know as much as the main character learns about this lifestyle, and there is a lot of ignorance (yet a great deal is discovered). The focus is on the story and getting hung up on this kind of thing will drag it down. Don’t let it!

The reference to the song Running up that Hill was really nice. The characters sing the lyrics, “And if I only could make a deal with God” …but the next part that was left out adds an Easter egg to the story: “And get him to swap our places”. You could practically feel how this concept could have been inspired from these words. Very cool.

Seriously impressed and already looking forward to reading it again someday in the future.

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Pantomime by Laura Lam

Rating: 5/5

Genres: Young Adult, Gaslamp Fantasy

Themes: Circus, Aristocrat, Theater

Queer Level: Intersex & Bisexual Main Character; Gay, Lesbian & Straight Secondary Characters

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This was a fantastic read full of so many themes I’m passionate about; gender identity, sexual orientation, the circus, high society, ancient mythology, AND all within a fantasy setting. It had my imagination running nonstop. Not only did this book make me crave visiting a circus, but it also fulfilled that desire through vivid descriptions from the perspective of the audience and from behind the scenes.

The plot deals with hidden identities, secrets, love, lies… what more could you ask for? I loved the contrast of Gene’s struggles as a high class lady and Micah’s trials as a rising performer on the run. There was always something interesting going on that kept me from being capable of putting it down (or eating and sleeping).

There were many things to admire in this story, but I adored the cast the most. Micah/Gene made a great main character and I found him/her relatable on so many levels. His/her voice and opinions were convincing so I found myself equally drawn those he/she cared about. But the connection goes beyond that; I have read many books where I relate to character’s personalities but I haven’t met my match when it came to gender identity. Not until now. I may not be intersex, but I am genderqueer so it was a very pleasant surprise to cross a character that embraced both male and female qualities (and at times questioned these labels). Its books like these that prove the world is changing – that people like us can be accepted, represented, and hopefully understood.

I was recommending this book before I’d even finished, and -now that I have- the craze will only increase. Really looking forward to the next volume …and just about anything this author will come out with! She is one I’ll be keeping a watch on.

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