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Pantomime by Laura Lam

Rating: 5/5

Genres: Young Adult, Gaslamp Fantasy

Themes: Circus, Aristocrat, Theater

Queer Level: Intersex & Bisexual Main Character; Gay, Lesbian & Straight Secondary Characters

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This was a fantastic read full of so many themes I’m passionate about; gender identity, sexual orientation, the circus, high society, ancient mythology, AND all within a fantasy setting. It had my imagination running nonstop. Not only did this book make me crave visiting a circus, but it also fulfilled that desire through vivid descriptions from the perspective of the audience and from behind the scenes.

The plot deals with hidden identities, secrets, love, lies… what more could you ask for? I loved the contrast of Gene’s struggles as a high class lady and Micah’s trials as a rising performer on the run. There was always something interesting going on that kept me from being capable of putting it down (or eating and sleeping).

There were many things to admire in this story, but I adored the cast the most. Micah/Gene made a great main character and I found him/her relatable on so many levels. His/her voice and opinions were convincing so I found myself equally drawn those he/she cared about. But the connection goes beyond that; I have read many books where I relate to character’s personalities but I haven’t met my match when it came to gender identity. Not until now. I may not be intersex, but I am genderqueer so it was a very pleasant surprise to cross a character that embraced both male and female qualities (and at times questioned these labels). Its books like these that prove the world is changing – that people like us can be accepted, represented, and hopefully understood.

I was recommending this book before I’d even finished, and -now that I have- the craze will only increase. Really looking forward to the next volume …and just about anything this author will come out with! She is one I’ll be keeping a watch on.

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